A Seed for Growth

Kids Eye View

In 1993, a lifelong resident of Oskaloosa passed away, leaving an estate worth well over $6,000,000 to the community of Oskaloosa. This money was put into the George Daily Family Trust Fund to benefit the Mahaska Community.

To provide a unique learning experience for Osakloosa's youth and to help publicize the many community projects funded by the trust, "Kid's Eye View" booklets were developed for a number of years. Each booklet strives to report on the leadership of each project toward which the Daily Trust Fund has contriubted funds. These not only provided historical records of where money was being spent, but also gave students exposure to a variety of reporting experiences and the concepts of community leadership.

Each project began with groups of students gathering information which included personal interviews. Once information was collected stories were written about the projects and the anticipated community benefits. In addition, illustrations were drawn to correspond with the story.

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A Kid's Eye View of Oskaloosa
A Kid's Eye View 93-94 Projects
A Kid's Eye View 1995 Projects
A Kid's Eye View 1996 Projects
A Kid's Eye View 1997 Projects
A Kid's Eye View 1998 Projects