George Daily Trust

Benefiting the Community: The George Daily Family Trust was established in 1990. Following George Daily's death in 1993, the purpose of the trust was fully realized: "To develop leadership for the benefit of the community" and "To create initiative for projects to benefit the community." As of October 2012, the Daily Trust Board of Trustees had screened 674 requests for project funding. A wide variety projects - a few of which are listed here -  included: broadcasting equipment, computer labs, playground equipment, shelter houses, tress, school library projects, youth field trips, scholarship programs, recreation facilities, historic preservation, restoration, and education.

As of October 2012, requests of nearly $19 million had been reviewed; over $7 million in funding had been awarded.

Non-profit summary: George Daily Charitable Trust is a non profit trust located in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Charitable donations to this organization are deductible. The organization IRS foundation code is a 509(a)(3) organization, operated solely for the benefit of and in conjunction with organizations. The technical IRS classification for George Daily Charitable Trust is a charitable organization.

Mission: The Daily Trust is established for the benefit of the community of Oskaloosa. Allocation of the Trust's earnings helps support activities and facilities which enhance the quality of life of Oskaloosa residence. The distribution of funds also provides an invaluable opportunity to 'lead by example.'

Contact: There are two application forms to be used when requesting funds; requests for under $2,000 and one for over $2,000. The Daily Trust board meets on an as-needed basis, typicall once a quarter in a calendar year. Application forms and request criteria are found by clicking here. Questions can be directed to Linda Crookham-Hansen, 641.673.0411.

Applications and support documents should be submitted to:

George Daily Family Trust
PO Box 808
100 First Avenue East
Oskaloosa, IA 52577