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Labor Force statistics are only available county-wide through Iowa Workforce Development.

Labor Force Mahaska County
Nov.  2021 (Oct.  2021)

Unemployment Rate: 2.3% (2.5%)
Labor Force: 11,750 (11,760)
Unemployed: 270 (300)
Employed: 11,490 (11,450)

Unemployment Rate United States – Nov. 3.9% (Oct. 4.3 %)
Unemployment Rate Iowa – Nov. 2.6% (Oct. 2.9%)

Not seasonally adjusted


Mahaska County was formed in February 1843. The county has been self-governing since February 5, 1844.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 573 square miles comprised of 571 square miles of land and 2.5 square miles of water.

The most current population estimates (State Data Center, July 2018) for the communities within Mahaska County  are:

    • Barnes City: 169
    • Beacon: 470
    • Eddyville: 1,007
    • Fremont: 718
    • Keomah Village: 97
    • Leighton: 157
    • New Sharon: 1,284
    • Oskaloosa: 11,426
    • Rose Hill: 161
    • University Park: 470

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