Hotel/Motel Tax

Property Tax •  Sales Tax

Recreation is a key component of economic development and quality of life for a community which is the primary reason the Mahaska Community Recreation Foundation teamed up with the community to receive hotel-motel taxes as a result of a community vote in 1998. MCRF uses these funds along with grants, donations, and fundraisers to support the facilitation of recreation for the community. Read more about MCRF here.

The Hotel/Motel tax rate in Oskaloosa is 5% and became effective in 1999. Click here to be directed to the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance web site where the complete Hotel/Motel Tax Distribution Summary & Tax Jurisdiction with Rates can be found.

Distribution Summary for Oskaloosa:

    • Annual Fiscal Year 2018: $97,167.54
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2017: $103,658.00
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2016: $112,718.00
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2015: $116,951.80
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2014: $99,201.50
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2013: $97,772.90