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Daily Trust Statement of Principals:
It is our purpose to utilize the George Daily Family Trust resources as follows:

♦ To develop leadership for the benefit of the community.
♦ To create initiative for projects to benefit the community.

A. The Daily Funds should be used as the motto states, “A Seed for Growth” rather than a substitute for routine operational expenses.

B. Funds will be used to match other funds or efforts. The Daily Trust fund should not be the sole support for a project.

C. The Trust funds will not be allocated to support the religious activities of any church or other faith based initiative; however the Trust will consider support of community-wide efforts which one or more churches may be developing or supporting cooperatively.

D. The Trust should focus on concerns for small projects involving a few dollars, as well as large projects involving multi-million.

E. The Trust’s financial records and decision process will be available for public review and commentary.

F. The Trust document states that the funds are to be used “for the benefit of the community of Oskaloosa”. The term: “benefit the community of Oskaloosa” has been defined to be the area in and around Oskaloosa which interacts with Oskaloosa based activities. This includes the entirety of Mahaska County and in some cases nearby areas, such as youth sports in Bussey and Pella little league activities which are a part of leagues in Oskaloosa/Mahaska County Little Leagues.

George Daily Application for Under $2000George Daily Application for Over $2000
George Daily Application Instructions and Additional Information