Who Was George Daily?

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George Daily: 12/07/1908 – 03/07/1993

Playing Checkers
Statue in front of George Daily Auditorium

George Daily, was born December 7, 1908, son of John I. and Maudine Prine Daily. George grew up in a poor family. His father was frequently absent, working as a traveling house painter. Although times were tough, John sometimes purchased small pieces of land in tax sales during his travels. With his brother, Walter, and sister, Blanche, home for the Dailys was on the Prine family farm located 3.5 miles northwest of Oskaloosa, across from the Prine School.

In 1910 the family moved to town, 1212 High Avenue West, Oskaloosa, where they lived while their father built what was to become George’s life-long home. All three children attended and graduated at the top of their class from Oskaloosa High School.

As adults, Blanche, taught music lessons at the high school; Walter had a number of miscellaneous jobs around town; George worked for Anderson Moving and Storage Company and Holub’s Greenhouse. Being somewhat of a loner, George was often seen taking long walks, strolling through the park, or taking in a band concert on the square. The city library was one of his favorite places to visit. Being an avid chess and checker player, he was always ready for a challenge and enjoyed the competition.

Photography was another of George’s hobbies. George had a love for nature and truly enjoyed working in his garden of wild flowers. Because of this love, there is a “George Daily Memorial Garden” in his honor so others may enjoy the beauty of his work.

Due to failing health, it became necessary for George to leave his beloved home and garden. After a long stay in the Mahaska Hospital, George was not able to return home, but found comfort in a caring staff and personal attendants at the Siesta Park Manor. George passed away on March 7, 1993, at the Mahaska County Hospital after a long illness.