WELCOME! This site is the result of a strategic plan action item established by the original Team Mahaska entity. The group  worked tirelessly to establish working partnerships and protocol by which communities, governments, enterprises, and individuals could be progressive through minimizing or eliminating duplication. Data and information gathered and shared proved invaluable and is available on this site. You are encouraged, as a site visitor and data user, to contact Team Mahaska  with questions, concerns, and additional content requests. 

TEAM MAHASKA began in the late 1990s as Mahaska Alliance. To understand the evolution and the importance of this group, you are encouraged to review Team Mahaska’s history, the article From a County to a Community, and Team Mahaska’s strategic plan. Doing so will give you a better understanding of Team Mahaska’s purpose and direction. The goal then and now is to continue as one community, sharing information, exploring possibilities of working together, and affecting positive change on the entire county. The ultimate goal is to assure sustainability for this and future generations.

How can we make that happen?
Become informed, stay involved, and continue to care.

In these uncertain times due to the Coronavirus, Covid-19 outbreak, it is important for our community to stay healthy and informed. Please continue to support local businesses as often as possible and within the confines of and health recommendations. Stay safe, stay healthy.