Hotel/Motel Tax

Property Tax •  Sales Tax

Recreation and tourism is a key component of economic development and quality of life for a community. That understanding is the primary reason the Mahaska Community Recreation Foundation teamed up with the community to receive hotel-motel taxes as a result of a community vote in 1998. MCRF uses these funds along with grants, donations, and fundraisers to support the facilitation of recreation for the community. Read more about MCRF here.

The rate was 7% became effective in FY2021 with a council vote and the additional 2% going towards tourism efforts.

Click here to be directed to the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance web site where the complete Hotel/Motel Tax Distribution Summary & Tax Jurisdiction with Rates can be found.

Distribution Summary for Oskaloosa:

    • Annual Fiscal Year 2020: $89,446.85
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2019: $113,008.78
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2018: $97,167.54
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2017: $103,658.00
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2016: $112,718.00
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2015: $116,951.80
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2014: $99,201.50
    • Annual Fiscal Year 2013: $97,772.90